Hardscaping in Calgary

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Hardscaping in Calgary is a term we use in landscaping that refers to hard landscaping materials such as paving stores, concrete, and decks. At Tazscapes Inc., we believe hardscaping is the foundation to your overall landscape construction and installation – and often surfaces that are your destination points such as cooking, dining and lounging. Hardscaping works well when complemented with softscaping materials, such as plants and garden beds. 

Here are the following hardscaping services in Calgary we provide our clients:

Paving Stones

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Most popularly used for patios, paving stones are also a great hardscape element for walkways, driveways, borders and backyard landscaping.

Retaining Walls

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With many options to choose from, retaining walls in Calgary are often constructed out of necessity as a functional element within the landscape to account for slopes and proper land drainage.

Concrete Flatwork
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Concrete, an age-old product, has been a staple in landscaping in not only residential but commercial applications. Available in different surfaces, it can be a beautiful. 

Wood Decks
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Decks are a great addition to any backyard and have become a great product to get creative with by using new maintenance-free composite decking or natural cedar.

Frequently asked questions

In basic terms, hardscaping refers to any design or project of a non-living element. Examples can include decks, concrete work, paving stones and retaining walls. Hardscaping is the opposite of softscaping, which focuses on living elements, such as plants, trees and shrubs.

Like everything in landscape design, project prices are different for each project. It varies on several factors: the size and scope of the project, the type of work you’re doing, any complexity that arises, and the labour cost. We can provide you with an estimate of your project during our consultation.

You won’t require maintaining your hardscaping, like you would with softscaping materials. You’ll also break up your landscape into sections, creating a flow throughout your yard. It also increases the accessibility of your property and enhances the enjoyment of your outdoor space. Finally, there is a lot of flexibility in creating a hardscaping project.

Adding an outdoor kitchen, deck or retaining wall can make your outdoor space more liveable, improve its functionality and enhance its curb appeal. These are all valuable to the eyes of investors and buyers, who will happily pay more for it. In essence, you’ll make back the money of your investment through your home’s value.