Landscape Features

Calgary’s Leading Landscape Features Team

Transforming the visual and practical allure of outdoor living spaces has evolved into a prevailing trend warmly embraced by numerous homeowners in Calgary. At Tazscapes Inc., we believe that enhancing outdoor living spaces is crucial for Calgary residents, particularly given the extended and chilly winter months.

When springtime comes, many people want to enjoy their backyards, and the desire to cultivate areas reminiscent of our indoor sanctuaries intensifies. This very essence propels us to present our clients with a diverse range of possibilities, transforming their yards into intimate retreats where the beauty of Calgary’s natural landscape is embraced and cherished.

Here are some residential construction features our landscape contractors bring to your outdoor living experience:

Concrete Curbing

Landscape designers Calgary

Crafting an ideal enclosure for your planting beds or outlining your borders, decorative concrete curbing has emerged as a sophisticated addition to residential landscapes, harmonizing seamlessly with paving stones and other concrete elements.

Outdoor Kitchens

Landscape designers Calgary

It’s nearly impossible to have an ideal and fully functional outdoor living space in Calgary without the presence of an outdoor kitchen. Today, outdoor kitchens have gone far beyond just a barbeque and have taken outdoor dining experiences to the next level.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape designers Calgary

As much as people enjoy their yards during daylight hours, the allure of nighttime entertainment is equally enticing. Outdoor landscape lighting emerges as the ideal choice to imbue your yard with a captivating nocturnal ambiance, setting the perfect mood for evenings outdoors..

Artificial Grass

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Everyone wants a maintenance-free yard, which is exactly why the use of synthetic lawn or artificial grass has become increasingly popular to invest in.

Outdoor Water Features

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Harnessing the earth’s most elemental resource, water can be seamlessly incorporated into your own backyard, elevating your outdoor living experience to a new level with the mesmerizing sights and soothing sounds it brings.