How Tazscapes Approaches Sod in Calgary

Tazscapes Inc. thrives on providing clients with fresh green sod installation in Calgary as part of our quality landscaping services. We ensure top-grade Kentucky BlueGrass sod with proper topsoil depth, so you have a luscious green lawn for years to come.


A strong foundation for your grass is the key to establishing a healthy lawn from the start. We ensure that site preparation is done correctly with loam so the root system of your sod can infiltrate deep into the ground and establish itself as a resilient lawn should, transforming your front or backyard landscaping. From there, you can grow trees and perennials in Calgary easily. 


The most important factor in any landscaping project is drainage and determining where the water is going. We shoot elevation grades to confirm proper positive drainage patterns away from your property, thus grading the topsoil accordingly. This prevents drainage issues after the sod installation and also gets rid of any bumps or dips that are often created when site grading is not done properly.

Enjoy Top-Quality Sod Installation with Us

Quality sod installation in Calgary also requires a strategic layout pattern that facilitates effective drainage away from the house. This involves creating precise cuts around planting beds, vegetation, or any hardscaping features within your yard. As an integral facet of our top-tier landscaping services, we ensure meticulous sod installation, allowing you to witness rapid growth within a matter of days.

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Unique Approach

We take our design and construction game to another level by detailing and assessing your landscape and plan so we can execute it to perfection. The result is a timeless and practical landscape that works for your lifestyle.

Unmatched Experience

We’ve been in the industry for several years, establishing a solid understanding of client requests and requirements while working on various projects across Calgary. There is no team better than our forward-thinking crew of experts.

Stellar Reputation

Our stunning record of happy clients, positive reviews on Google and Houzz, and our list of awards from Three Best Rated and Consumer Choice highlight and establish us as the best landscaping company in Calgary.

Frequently asked questions

Sod can be installed throughout the year in Calgary, even during the winter. However, the best time is during the early spring, summer and fall. We can explain the benefits of each season during our consultation.

Sod installation is viable for any landscape and backyard! Our premium Kentucky BlueGrass sod is well-adapted to Calgary’s climate, making it suitable for installation throughout the entire province.

It takes three to four weeks for the sod to root deep into the soil. You can ensure it’s connected by gently pulling the end of one piece of sod and seeing if there is any resistance or not. If there is, it means that the roots have taken to the soil, and you’re good to start walking on it.

Ideally, it would help if you waited until the grass grows to around 3 inches before mowing it. You can do it earlier, but at this time, it’s clear that the sod has embedded itself into the soil.

Once the sod has been installed, you should water it twice a day – lightly – once in the morning and once in the afternoon. After it has rooted deep in the soil, you can water it once a day or every second day (double it during summer).