Life-Changing Water Features in Calgary

Elevate Your Home with Our Water Features

Outdoor water features in Calgary are perhaps the most vivid element in any landscaping project. When done correctly, it can really bring out a perspective that is unmatched as it embarks on the human senses by visually giving you a calming mood. The sound of water provides a soothing feeling that takes you through a deep journey and onto your dream oasis.

Unique Approach

We take our design and construction game to another level by detailing and assessing your landscape and plan so we can execute it to perfection. The result is a timeless and practical landscape that works for your lifestyle.

Unmatched Experience

We’ve been in the industry for several years, establishing a solid understanding of client requests and requirements while working on various projects across Calgary. There is no team better than our forward-thinking crew of experts.

Stellar Reputation

Our stunning record of happy clients, positive reviews on Google and Houzz, and our list of awards from Three Best Rated and Consumer Choice highlight and establish us as the best landscaping company in Calgary.

What We Offer For Water Features

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At Tazscapes Inc., we offer our clients a custom way to add outdoor water features and/or fountains with attention to detail that is far beyond anything else. We can design the water to not only make a statement in your yard but also present it in such a subtle way so we can take you to a place of tranquillity in your very backyard. Our water features are designed to suit your home’s overall landscape design and construction, such as building it on artificial grass or using outdoor lighting to accentuate it. We’ll handle the water feature installation with excellence and accuracy.

Endless Water Feature Options

Outdoor water features in Calgary can range from a large waterfall and stream into a built-in natural pond to a simple water bubbling feature. You can even design garden fountains or large outdoor water fountains in Calgary, such is our craftsmanship. We ensure that the water feature we install not only suits your needs but also fits your landscaping design concepts. Pondless water features are also another great option for those who want to visually see a waterfall without having to deal with the maintenance a pond requires.

Landscape design Calgary

Premium Construction

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Outdoor water features always require detailed expert pond builders, and we at Tazscapes Inc. ensure you receive just that when we decide to introduce water into your yard. From excavation to pumps and pond liners, we use top-quality products for your oasis.

Frequently asked questions

It depends on the size, quality and complexity of the water feature. Like a bird pond, some can cost as little as a few hundred dollars, while large fountains and pools can go over a thousand dollars. You’ll also have to consider water and power usage when operating some features. We can provide you with an estimate on your feature once we discuss your project.

Yes, water features need electricity to pump the water around. It’s part of our assessment of your landscape that we’ll determine how we connect your water feature to a reliable power source while ensuring your home is safe and secure. Power sources can include connections to electricity or solar power.

It depends on the type of water feature you’ve installed in your home. Some, like water fountains, require more water than ponds. We can help break down how much water you’ll be expected to use once we install your feature in your landscape.

Never allow ice to form in your water feature. Freezing ice can cause your water feature to harden and crack while damaging your pump, which could be expensive to replace. Your best course of action is to pour out the water from your water feature when temperatures plummet before covering it so it does not get exposed.