Softscaping Calgary

Calgary’s Best Softscaping Team

Step into the world of softscaping in Calgary, where Tazscapes Inc. transforms landscapes into living works of art. Softscaping encompasses the vibrant tapestry of plant life, plush sod, and inviting groundcovers like mulch and decorative rock. These elements, meticulously curated by our team, are what define the soul of your outdoor space. 

Here are the softscaping services and outdoor landscaping features we provide to our clients in Calgary:

Planting Materials

Perennials and shrubs

Expertise is essential in understanding what thrives in Calgary’s unique planting conditions. At Tazscapes Inc., we excel in selecting the perfect trees, shrubs, perennials, and grasses for your plant beds, ensuring year-round garden blooms.


family home featuring comfortable living spaces

Sod installation is more intricate than merely unrolling a carpet, contrary to popular belief. It involves meticulous site preparation to ensure the natural thriving of your sod. Here at Tazscapes Inc., we possess the expertise to handle every aspect of this process.