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11 Best and Breath-taking Landscape Edging Ideas to Do In Your Garden

Landscape edging is when you have a defining line between the part of your garden dedicated to flowers and the grass/patio.

Here are our top 11 ideas for beautiful landscape edging.

#11 Small Brick Wall

Our first idea is to have a miniature brick wall, giving it a cool look and casual feeling. It will be apparent that you have put effort into it, but it won’t come across as pretentious.

Please note, when I say “miniature,” I am literally talking about 2-3 bricks high.

#10 Small Wooden Fence

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Another idea that is the perfect combination of welcoming and thought out has to with a small wooden fence. This fence shouldn’t be much higher than your ankles.

Unlike the bricks, using wood will make it appear a touch more natural.

#9 Large Rocks

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If you want your garden to have a slightly more rustic feeling, you could use some large rocks. The great thing about this option is its minimal effort.

Despite being so easy, it will make your garden have a kind of “mother nature has become very controlled” look.

#8 Pebbles

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If you want to go with a similar vibe to the “big rocks” look but want a little bit more of a controlled look, one idea could be to have a flat line of small pebbles, perhaps held together by cement.

This can give your garden a bit of a beach look.

#7 Flower Pots

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This next one isn’t going to be for everyone. But if you’re after a slightly “shabby chic” vibe, it might be fun to attach some small flower pots and make a jagged line with them.

If you’re feeling extra creative, you can even paint it to make it look like a caterpillar.

#6 Flower Pots, the right way up

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Following on with the theme of flower pots, you could use flower pots with flowers in them. To make it look great, just have one large rectangular one made of either clay or wood.

If this isn’t an option, a row of potted plants can still look lovely.

#5 Logs

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If you want your garden to have an at one with nature, forestry look to it, you could just lay some logs down.

Of course, you will need to cut them down to size, but so long as you leave the bark on, they will still have a natural look that gardeners love.

#4 Rocks in wire

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If you have a bit of extra time on your hands, you could even think about using some chicken wire to contain rocks. Perhaps even using some wooden posts for a bit more stability.

With this in your garden, you will be sending the clear message, “I know what I’m doing.”

#3 Pond

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Another idea that could send across a clear message that you take your gardening seriously is to have a small pond to separate the flowers from the grass.

Of course, you will need some stones/bricks to stop soil from falling into the water, but it can be fantastic if you can pull it off.

#2 Stacked tiles

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The number two on this is using some tiles. The great thing about this option is that you don’t need to be a professional tiler to do it.

#1 Mosaic

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And finally, we have a flat mosaic-type edging idea. By this, I mean smashing up some pieces of pots, tiles, or glass and bonding them together with cement.

If I was doing this, I would just have the smashed pieces in random places, but you might want to do some sort of picture mosaic for the more creative readers.


Of course, these aren’t the only ideas for landscape edging. But if you want to take your edging game to the next level, these of some of the most fun ways you can do it.

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