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Types of Landscaping Rocks That Every Gardener in Calgary Should Know

Landscaping is not just a mere gardening way, but it is one form of art that you can create and play using nature. You get to arrange plants, flowers, ornaments, and even beautiful stones when landscaping a land area. Whether it is for your home or outside your office, a landscaped area is truly a beautiful sight to have.

If you are looking for ideas on beautifying your landscape, you should not only focus on plants and flowers, but rocks also play an essential role in landscaping, and it is a great way to improve your landscape. While the common stones used for landscaping are gravel and sand, other types will go well with your art.

Here are some different landscaping rocks that you can use for your next landscape project.

Decomposed Granite

Landscaping Calgary

This type of rock is not far from standard granite. The decomposed granite has been exposed for a long time now and is much older than the usual granite. These are excellent pieces of rocks, which are perfect for landscaping.

If you think of doing your landscapes by yourself, then the safest type of rock to use would be decomposed granite. Another remarkable fact about decomposed granite is it comes in different colours, and it is a cheap rock to start with for landscaping. This is indeed the type of stone to use in your garden.

Pea Gravel

From the name of itself, pea gravel is a small rock type for landscaping. It is called so because it comes in a size of a pea. Typically, a piece of pea gravel would measure about ¼ inch. This type of rock can also come in three colours: white, tan, and dark brown.

If you are looking for a more flexible rock type for your garden’s landscape, then pea gravel is the one to get. Mostly, pea gravel is used for landscapes placed in driveways. It is also an excellent space filler and can adapt to any landscape style or theme.

River Rocks

If you happen to live near a river or plan to go on a walk by the riverside, make sure to bring a basket and fetch some river rocks. This type of stone has a smooth texture, and it is because it’s mostly exposed to waters. River rocks are old sharp rocks whose edges have been smoothened out because of constant water exposure.

River rocks are perfect to put on landscapes, especially if you plan to place a small fountain on it. This type of stone is also preferred more than ordinary mulch. Most gardeners and landscape professionals would recommend river rocks over mulch because it does not break down. However, bear in mind that river rocks can be a little expensive when purchased.

Crushed Granite Gravel

Another type of gravel, crushed granite, is larger than the one mentioned above – decomposed granite. However, the size is what makes it better when placed in a landscape. This type of rock gives out a natural vibe, which makes it perfect for gardens.

One good reason you should use crushed granite gravel is to make a flawless transition to your landscape or garden. You may use this between your plants and flower rows.

Lava Rocks

Lava comes from volcanoes, and lava rocks are hardened lava that has been formed through time. Although this rock may seem hefty, it is one of the most lightweight stones making it a great gem to use for landscapes. Also, lava rocks are great protectors against bugs and lessen the growth of weed.

Since lava rocks are very lightweight, water can flow freely through it. However, they can also absorb and keep water on its surface. The water in the lava rocks can benefit the plants and flowers surrounding it because it helps distribute water, especially when it’s rainy season.


Flagstones belong to the large rock family, but it can complement well with smaller rocks, such as pebbles. This type of rock is mostly used as stone pathways. Flagstones are generally smooth and wide stones that come in square shapes.

A great way to use flagstones is to put it on top of a layer of sand. Many people use flagstone as steps to their garden, yard, or front part of the house. However, if you want the flagstones to stay in one place, you can lay it on a concrete mix.

Brick Chips

This type of landscape rock comes from pieces of broken bricks. Although this is not natural rock, it can be a great decor to add to your garden and landscape. It also attracts more attention to people who will look at the piece you made.

If you are looking for an alternative for mulch, brick chips are a great option. They do not easily break down, and they are great at keeping water for plants and flowers. Brick chips also keep bugs away, so if you have this rock type in your garden, bugs won’t be a problem.

How to Choose the Best Landscaping Rocks

Landscaping rocks add beauty and art to your landscape and garden. Adding a hint of landscape rocks will surely change the overall aura of your garden. There are tons of options that you can choose one, but you might ask yourself: how can I choose the right one for my garden?

The first thing that you need to do is think of what landscape theme you are aiming for. Your landscape rocks should be able to complement and set the tone of your garden in mind.

Next, you also need to consider your budget. Even if you want to do a DIY landscape, you still need to purchase some tools and garden accessories for your garden. There are landscaping rocks that come at a low and affordable price, but there are also expensive ones. Thus, you need to think about all the factors before buying landscape rocks for your garden.

Landscape services in Calgary

DIY landscapes can be fun and creative, but if you seek professional help in gardening, landscaping, and planting, contacting a landscape contractor is something you might need to do. With a landscape contractor, you will make the most of your yard space and achieve your dream landscape.

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