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Winter landscaping tips for 2022

Winter Landscaping Tips For 2022

When the first snowfall hits Calgary, there are two types of people that reveal themselves – those who love it or hate it. 

For lovers, blankets of snow bring to mind a wonderful winter wonderland. As for haters, the snow seems like an inconvenience that ruins everything it touches. 

Those in Calgary planning on landscaping during this time, they might either find doing so to be either daunting or enticing.

Whether winter is your most hated or loved season, being able to landscape effectively during it shouldn’t be a problem!

If you’re thinking about landscaping this winter, check out our 3 winter landscaping tips for this year below.

Tip #1: Evergreens As A Focal Point

Nothing compliments fresh snow than evergreen trees. It conjures up images of snow lightly dusted over tree branches like powdered sugar. By adding evergreens into your landscaping, it accents the predominantly white backdrop of snow.

Also, did you know evergreens aren’t always green?  

If you’re not a fan of green or just looking to bring something unique, you can go with evergreens that can come in either yellow, blue, and any other colours that might catch your fancy.

Evergreens are easy to spot here in Calgary, so finding any to help with landscaping is not an impossible task.

Tip #2: How Hardscaping Can Help 

For those unfamiliar with the term ‘hardscaping,’ it’s where you utilize inanimate elements while landscaping. Some examples would be stone benches, arbours, or even a garden statue.

So, how does hardscaping during the winter help?

Some recommend not doing so because of weather conditions. However, hardscaping can be beneficial during this time.

While landscaping, you can catch missing focal points more prominently during the winter and can rely on a form of hardscape to embellish your landscape.

In addition, choosing to hardscape during the winter can surprisingly be easier on your wallet.

Knowing people in Calgary, people don’t like to face the winter’s harsh elements, so the price of hardscaping does go down a bit.  

Tip #3: Adding The Beauty Of Berries  

When you think of winter, especially here in Calgary, you practically see every plant begin to wither away. It almost seems like no beautiful plant is immune to winter’s frosty grasp.

But did you know there are gorgeous greenery you can use in your landscaping even during winter?

Hard to believe, but there are some and they’re just as lovely as plants during the spring and summer. 

When winter landscaping, you can find trees or shrubs that have berries in them that bring a subtle pop of colour.

Holly berries in particular are a great staple to include to your landscape. It pairs nicely with evergreens as well if you’re thinking of including them into your winter landscaping revamp.

Landscaping during any season in Calgary can have its challenges. However, we do hope with some of the tips listed that it brought your mind to ease when considering what to do for winter landscaping.

If you still feel you need some insight on winter landscaping, don’t hesitate to email us directly at [email protected] for uniquely lavish landscaping ideas.