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How To Plant Juniper Bush In Calgary

Ask and good Calgary landscaper, and they will say that if you need a fast-growing ground cover for your Calgary yard sloped areas, an excellent choice is Calgary Carpet Juniper. This popular Juniper plant is tiny, shrub-like, with branches that hug close to the ground. It is attractive all year long, tolerant of the most severe climate conditions that we experience in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and effortless to grow and maintain. PlantingJuniper bush is easy – space the plants and watch them grow and fill in the open areas. This plant will spread as much as two feet a year and up to eight to ten feet eventually.

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Best Time to Plant Juniper

So, you must be wondering when the best time to plant juniper bush is? It’s pretty simple. You can plant juniper bush in Calgary any time from early spring to late fall. But the best time to plant juniper ground cover is in the early spring when the temperature is rising, and before the soil dries out during the summer, the roots will have a chance to get set. Be careful not to plant in soggy, perpetually wet areas as the plant need medium moisture and good drainage. Also, make sure that the frost is out of the ground before you plant this Juniper.

How to Plant Juniper

Unlike growing strawberries or columnar trees, the juniper plant is ideal for slopes and banks because it thrives in well-drained soil. Plant it where you will not have standing water and water it thoroughly and occasionally when you need to water it. If the soil where you are planting the Juniper is incredibly thick, mix in some sand or perlite. You can fertilize with a complete, balanced fertilizer in the fall to promote optimal growth but do not fertilize the first year as the plant establishes itself.

How Far Apart Should I Plant Juniper?

Because the Juniper you plant for ground cover will spread out, think ahead and space your plants, to begin with. When using the plant as a ground cover, you will want to plant them somewhat closer together to guarantee full coverage. Because Calgary Carpet Juniper, (Scientific Name: Juniperus communis L) aka Juniperus Sabina or Savin Juniper, is one of the three species of Juniper that is resistant to Juniper blight, you need to worry that crowding will lead to disease. However, giving your plants sufficient space will result in healthier plants.

How to Plant a Juniper Bonsai Tree

An alternative to just using carpet juniper as a ground cover on your yard in Calgary is to train the plant along the lines of Bonsai. Juniper bonsai is quite popular, can be grown both indoors and out of doors. Although you use the Calgary Carpet Juniper for this purpose, the Needle Juniper and Chinese Juniper are more popular. In addition, a Juniper bonsai is easy to care for, more so than many trees that are used for this purpose. So, if this will be your first attempt in the world of Bonsai, a Juniper is an excellent choice.

Grow your plants out of doors from spring to fall and bring them indoors for the winter months. Or, simply let it go dormant in the winter months and resume its slow growth in the spring.

Where Does Juniper Grow the Best?

Although Juniper grows the best in full sun, Juniper seedlings need partial shade. You will usually plant Calgary Carpet Juniper on slopes. For the sake of your slopes, this is a good idea because the plant will help prevent erosion. For the sake of your Calgary Carpet Juniper, this is an excellent idea because Juniper does not do well in overlymoist or poorly drained soil. Ideally, you want to plant in sandy soil and mix in vermiculite or sand in heavy clay-rich soil. Ask yourself where does Juniper grows in nature. Juniper grows virtually everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere from Western Alaska across all of Canada and down into the Northern USA. Calgary is located in the natural range for Juniper plants.

Calgary Carpet Juniper Design Ideas

Calgary Carpet Juniper is used for a lot of landscaping in the Calgary area. Its deep green colour provides an attractive feature for slopes, areas around rocks and boulders, and cascading over and across the tops of retaining walls. When you cover large sloped areas with Juniper, it is a good idea to break up the area by planting trees or spacing a few larger rocks or even a small patio or sitting area at the base of the slope. Also, because Juniper retains its attractive green colour in the winter, it works well as a “winter garden” to enjoy when your flower garden is barren and sad.

Regular Maintenance of Calgary Carpet Juniper

This hardy plant does not need much attention, but there are a few things to keep in mind to keep it healthy and attractive. Avoid overwatering. But water deeply and at regular intervals during the first season when the plants establish their root structure. Until your Juniper has grown to provide a complete ground cover, remove weeds periodically both for attractiveness and to remove competition for your growing plants.

Did you know that adding a durable groundcover, like the Calgary Carpet Juniper, will increase the value of your property?

It is true; and, it is certainly is a safer choice than turf on sloping land.

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