Sod Installation Calgary

Sod Installation Services

Tazscapes Inc. thrives on providing clients with fresh green sod installation in Calgary as part of our quality landscaping services. We ensure top grade Kentucky Blue Grass sod with proper topsoil depth so you have a luscious green lawn for years to come.


A strong foundation for your grass is the key to establishing a healthy lawn from the start. We make sure that site preparation is done correctly with loam so the root system of your sod can infiltrate deep into the ground and establish itself as a resilient lawn should.


The most important factor in any landscaping project is drainage: where is the water going. At Tazscapes Inc., we shoot elevation grades so to confirm proper positive drainage patterns away from the house thus grading the topsoil accordingly. This will avoid not only drainage issues after sod installation but also rid the sod of any bumps or dips that is often created when site grading is not done properly.

Sod Installation:

Quality sod installation in Calgary also requires a proper pattern when laying out the sod so it can assist the land in positive drainage away from the house. This requires proper cuts around planting beds or any hardscaping elements in your yard. As part of the quality landscaping services we provide our clients, we make sure the sod is installed properly so you can watch it grow within days.

Call us today if you need any sodding services in Calgary and we would love to come and provide you a cost estimate for your residential yard!