Planting Services Calgary

Planting Beds

Tazscapes Inc provides trees, shrubs, perennials and grasses for all your gardening needs. We supply and install mature to potted trees along with a variety of shrub and perennial plant materials as part of our commitment to offering the best landscaping services in Calgary to further enhance your property.


At Tazscapes Inc. we know and understand the importance of a strong foundation when providing residential landscaping services in Calgary, and that includes a detailed site preparation for all your planting needs.

Soil depths and widths are properly excavated and backfilled to ensure proper establishment of your Trees and various shrubbery. The strains involved with the Calgary freeze-thaw climate can damage the health of these plant materials so a strong soil foundation is essential in establishing the plants for years to come.

 Sun / wind testing:

We also do a sun diagram test along with a wind analysis to make sure we select the right plant materials not only for the Calgary climate but for your specific yard. Everyone is situated in different areas of the city with different sun and wind exposure so choosing the right plant material is absolutely critical to plant health.

 Calgary trees:

Deciduous trees in Calgary can be supplied and installed in either potted or caliper sizes. Often it comes down to budget and access into the yard, because caliper trees usually require a bobcat to bring in and plant.

Coniferous trees in Calgary are supplied and installed in meter sizes and particular ones such as a Colorado Spruce tree almost always requires a machine to install, due to their heavy and dense structure.

 Calgary shrubs and perennials:

Shrubs and perennials can be bought in 1 gallon, 2 gallon or 5 gallon size pots and the variance depends on the maturity of the shrub you desire along with the yard’s sun/wind test.

Shrubbery enhances the soft landscaping in Calgary and provides home-owners some amazing color, depth and texture throughout their yards.

At Tazscapes Inc, we offer our clients quality planting services that include Calgary trees and shrubs for their homes. Give us a call today to discuss plant materials best suited for your yard!