Outdoor Landscape Lighting Calgary

Outdoor Landscape Lighting in Calgary - Landscape Feature Lighting

We encourage Outdoor landscape lighting in Calgary so you can enjoy your backyards at night. Tazscapes Inc. provides the best quality of illumination for your dark landscapes.

What We Offer

We deliver low voltage L.E.D. outdoor landscape lighting so you can not only accentuate and display your beautiful yard but also provide safety and security for your friends and family. A well-lit landscape becomes absolutely crucial so your yard is used to its maximum potential during the short summer months we have here in Calgary.

Options For Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Outdoor Landscape Lighting in Calgary - Landscape Lighting OptionsUnlike solar lights you can purchase from a hardware store, quality and custom outdoor landscape lighting in Calgary are built to last and provide your yard with recognizable enhancements that will have everyone amazed – such as your hardscaping features like patios and decks to softscaping features like trees and shrubs.

We also offer our clients the ability to illuminate the various features within their landscapes such as privacy screens, pergolas, outdoor kitchens and even water features so the yard can be appreciated no matter what time of the day – or night – it is.

Lighting Usability

Outdoor Landscape Path LightsLandscape lights can be used for walkways or paths to assist in circulation through your yard at night with path lighting or simply directed to illuminate a feature tree with spot lighting.



Outdoor Landscape Lighting Aesthetics

Outdoor Landscape Lighting AestheticsLandscape lighting really sets a mood in your yard. It accentuates a theme and activates senses within us that only those who have experienced can attest to. By strategically placing lighting within your landscape, we enhance the experience of outdoor living for our clients in an emotional way.

Tazscapes Inc. is one of the premier landscapers in Calgary, we pride ourselves as being qualified landscaping professionals that go above and beyond for our clients, thus providing workmanship that is far superior to any other landscape construction company in Calgary. Check out our Highly Rated Landscaping Calgary Reviews.

Contact us to begin planning your outdoor landscape lighting and set a mood for your Calgary residence!