Landscape Design Process

At Tazscapes Inc, we don’t start any major residential landscaping service without a detailed landscape design first.

We follow a tried and tested process that has helped us not only propose beautiful and creative front yard and backyard landscape design ideas, but has also given our clients the peace of mind in knowing that there is organization and structure within our company.

Listed below is the order in which we bring our landscape design ideas to fruition:

Step 1 | Landscape design consultation:

Taz will set up an appointment with you at your convenience, in your place of residence to go over dreams and aspirations you may have for your ideal yard.

At this consultation meeting, we ask you have these two things ready so we can make sure the design consultation is of maximum benefit to you:

  1. Scaled Real Property Report (RPR) or Site Plan
    A scaled RPR is the plot plan of your property with your house dimensions. You will have likely received this from the City of Calgary, Survey company or home builder. Often times, it is with all the purchase documents when you bought your home.
    Please have a scaled copy or a digital copy you can email – do not send a scanned copy because it will not be to scale.
  2. Rough Idea of Budget
    It can be a hard question to answer especially if you’ve never had any landscaping services done in Calgary, but we need to have an idea of what you would like to spend for the landscaping project so we can ensure we propose a landscape design that suits your budget.

Each landscape design service in Calgary we provide will vary in price and is determined during the landscape consultation wherein we assess the size of the yard and the scope of the work.

During this meeting, Taz can also give you a rough idea of what the construction of your project may cost. By knowing your needs, wants and lifestyle along with assessing your particular yard, Taz will be able to recommend a variety of options based on your budget.

Step 2 | Landscape design proposal:

We will gather all the information from the consultation and examine the site analysis to start the landscape design proposal for your Calgary home.

Taz will personally create a computer design drawing based on your conversation with him and develop a concept that is custom and unique for your particular yard.

Step 3 | Landscape design concept meeting:

At this meeting, we will present our initial proposal for your yard. Taz will show you his vision for your yard and how and/or why he feels his proposal will accentuate your property. He will go over the products and materials he recommends along with a detailed analysis of your yard and if there are any issues that need to be addressed, such as drainage.

We will also present to you a breakdown of major costs associated to that proposal, thus giving you a very good idea of how much the project will be if Tazscapes Inc took on the landscape construction.

After going through the landscape design and project pricing, you will have an opportunity to express your feedback to our vision and discuss anything you may need changed.

Step 4 | Landscape design finalization:

If there are any revisions that need to be made, we will be happy to make them and send them to you within a few days so we can get more feedback from you. Once you approve the landscape design, it will allow us to price the project very accurately thus giving you an exact price for us to start the landscape installation process.

Contact us to if you’d like us to begin working on your custom landscape design process and let’s start planning your dream yard today!