Calgary Deck Builders

Paving Stone Circle Patio

Tazscapes Inc offers clients quality carpentry. This includes deck builder services, pergolas, and custom privacy screens. We offer our clients the ability to choose from natural cedar wood or a higher end, maintenance free composite wood.

Custom deck builders in Calgary is the title we prefer as we envision unique ways to enhance your experience in outdoor living – whether that involves outdoor cooking, dining or simply lounging.

We know that finding deck contractors in Calgary that can create unique custom designs can be difficult when you have a vision for how you want to use that deck. So we offer our clients with outdoor carpentry services that span beyond just a simple square deck. We like to incorporate unique design ideas by adding pergolas and privacy screens to give a custom look.

Our wood services include:

Cedar and Composite Decks: 

Concrete Curbing

Tazscapes Inc gives clients the option from choosing a natural looking cedar deck or a more modern and maintenance free composite deck, depending on the scope of the work. As professional Calgary Deck Builders, we make sure to give our clients a proper construction service through detailed planning so they can be assured the deck is built to city codes.

This includes steps and railings at the right heights, joist and beam construction and beautiful surface board finishes.


Concrete Curbing

Overhead structures can really pop a deck out by allowing the eye to move up from an aesthetic point of view and provide shade from a functional perspective, thus giving an overall cozy feel to the space.

Privacy Screens:

Concrete Curbing

Privacy screens can be done in a variety of ways – gone are the days of a simple boring lattice screens as Tazscapes Inc continuously pushes limits to design and construct beautiful privacy screens for decks to provide a remote feel from your surrounding neighbors.

At Tazscapes Inc we offer top quality outdoor wood-working and carpentry services as our commitment to a full service landscaping company in Calgary continues to grow. Call us if you are looking for the right deck builder contractor in Calgary to design and build your new deck!