Concrete Curbing Calgary

Decorative Concrete Curbing Border

Tazscapes Inc thrives to offer clients a variety of ways to create border landscape edging in your yard. Gaining strong popularity for its durability and aesthetics, decorative concrete curb landscape edging is one of the more frequently chosen options for soft landscaping services like planting beds and borders.

We provide custom colors, textures and patterns for your beautiful curbs so your garden beds and border edges look smooth and flawless. The concrete is poured on site with great precision and delivers a long lasting durable landscape edging for your residential applications.

Concrete curbing in Calgary has come a long way in complimenting your new or existing landscape and a prominent feature in your yard. Maintenance free and long lasting, curbing is something we highly suggest over old methods like black plastic edging.


Concrete curbing is a great alternative to lawn edging mainly because it is built to last. Given the Calgary climate, concrete curbs can withstand some tough winter weather.

Curb appeal:

Curb appealIt increases your property’s value because it is no maintenance. Unlike other landscape edging options, over time black plastic tends to rip and stick out of the ground just with a touch of a lawn mower.



Brick edging is another good option but also has the risk of shifting or sinking over time and even weeds growing in between them, making the overall garden bed much more displeasing to look at.


Concrete CurbingWith concrete curbing you have several options as it pertains to color, texture and pattern. You also have different curb angle options – from low angle to high angle so you can choose which works best for your residential landscaping in Calgary.


Call Tazscapes Inc today so we can come and add concrete curbing to your Calgary home and pop out your yard!