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Your Guide to Preparing Your Lawn for Spring

Spring reveals that it’s time to clean up our lawns and get them ready for the season ahead – yet lawn maintenance can feel like a hassle. However, if you got any landscaping in Calgary done, you don’t want to tarnish its aesthetic appeal by allowing your lawn to transform into a messy jungle. 

Avoid doing so by seeing how you can prepare your lawn for spring!

Creating the Perfect Lawn for Landscaping 

A pristine, green lawn doesn’t appear overnight. Just like how Calgary landscaping designers put work into their projects, you also need to put work into your lawn to achieve the clean, cut look you desire.

Check out what to do down below:

Add Compost

The most important thing you can do for your lawn is add compost to it. Adding compost is the first thing you should do when spring arrives.

Compost helps your lawn by adding nutrients and organic matter to the soil, nourishing your grass and plants. You can buy a composting product made for your specific type of soil, or you can use an organic fertilizer formed from compost.

Apply Mulch 

Mulching your lawn is a great way to keep the soil in your lawn moist and prevent weeds from growing. You can use several types of mulches, such as decomposed leaves, shredded wood, or even paper bags. The key is to pick a mulch that is low in nitrogen and high in carbon.

Watering Consistently

Water your lawn thoroughly once every 10-14 days during the spring. It will help to free up residual soil that may be clinging to the grass, reduce the number of fertilizers you’ll need to apply and keep the weeds at bay.

You can give your lawn one final watering just before you mow it. This watering should be a light mist that lasts only a few seconds. 

Use Fertilizer

When it comes to fertilizing your lawn, the best thing to do is test your soil first. You can do this by inserting a soil test strip into the ground where you want to grow your lawn. Once you receive the results, you’ll know exactly what fertilizer to use. If you’re unsure about what to do next, we recommend starting with a low-nitrogen lawn. It will help prevent your grass from becoming too lush, which can cause it to die back and need more frequent mowing.

Weeding Out Weeds

Weeding is another chore, but shouldn’t be put off since it grows vigorously during this time, so you’ll have to weed your lawn more frequently. There are a couple of ways to go about weeding: pulling each weed out by hand or using a special weeding tool designed to remove weeds without damaging the grass.

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