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Tazscapes Landscape Design Story

Every day I get to wake up knowing that I have the opportunity to work with people to help improve their backyard experience, and that's such a wonderful feeling.

Our Landscape Design Story Has Come A Long Way!

I remember picking up a book in my 3rd year of my Bachelor’s program titled: “How to Start a Home-Based Landscaping Business” by Owen Dell and being completely immersed in it. He spoke about all the pros and cons of running not just a business but a career where you can transform outdoor living for people. That was the seed that planted the landscape design story of Tazscapes Inc.

While working on my Masters of Landscape Architecture degree, I had the opportunity to work for a few different landscape construction companies and it was there that I learned the dos and don’ts of the landscaping business.

After graduating, I moved to Calgary, Alberta and worked for a company but after years of experience in being a labourer, a designer, and a project manager – coupled by reruns of Shark Tank on my TV, I felt I was ready to launch Tazscapes Inc.

Tazscapes Landscape Design Story have come a long way!
Tazscapes Landscape Design Story have come a long way!

The last few years in business has been a thrill. Every day I learn something new – whether it’s about landscaping or being a business owner.

It’s a challenge every day to come up with innovative ways to use outdoor spaces to change lives, so when someone asks me: ‘What’s the best project you’ve done?’

I respond: “The next one”.

Today, I’m launching my new website with updated work and with this, I can’t help but think back to how I started in my 2 bedroom apartment kitchen table and built Tazscapes to be one of Calgary’s leading landscaping companies.

I am now anxiously looking forward to bringing more innovative design concepts for my clients, to create the perfect outdoor oasis!

For your next landscape design or residential landscaping needs, contact us at 1(587) 578-0747.

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