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How to Prepare Your Lawn for Summer

Summer is just around the corner! Landscaping in Calgary will be at its peak season soon. The warmer weather inspires many to bring their creative landscaping projects to life. 

Before diving into a summer landscaping project, ensure a good foundation by preparing your lawn in advance.

Learn what you can do to prepare your lawn for summer so you’re ready to go for your next landscaping project! 

Lawn Preparation for Summer Landscaping in Calgary 

Deep Clean Entire Lawn

Landscaping companies in Calgary have faced problems stemming from homeowners failing to clean their lawns before a project. The failure to do so can make it harder for them to work. Avoid doing so by doing what you can to clean your lawn properly.

Your checklist for cleaning your lawn should include the following:

  • Removing debris & leaves 
  • Putting away any toys or items 
  • Clear out thick thatch
  • Fill out holes & bare patches
  • Prune or time any trees & bushes
  • Get rid of any weeds

Once maintained and cleaned, you can start other undertakings to improve your lawn. 

Breath New Life into Soil

Calgary’s harsh winters result in dried-out soil that seriously affects your lawn’s growth. The best thing to do is perform a soil test to understand your soil’s nutrients and pH levels. Then, know what type of fertilizer would work best.

Additionally, aerate your lawn to help break up compacted soil. Compacted soil is denser and makes it hard for nutrients and water to reach the root system when you’re trying to facilitate lawn growth. 

By aerating, you can combat compacted soil by making tiny holes by either pushing a rod into your yard or extracting a soil plug. These pockets in the soil help water, air, and nutrients reach grass easier. 

Right Conditions for Mowing

Mowing your lawn is time-consuming. You don’t want all that hard work wasted because of how you mowed your lawn. In which case, you need to know what mowing factors can influence your lawn growth. 

  • Mow Frequently – Mind weather conditions and the acceleration of grass growth. Avoid cutting more than 1/3 of the shoot length when you mow.
  • Mow High: Cut grass to 6 to 8 centimetres (2.5 to 3 inches) to encourage growth, prevent weeds, retain moisture, and discourage insect pests.
  • Mow When Dry: Dry grass cuts cleaner. Plus, clippings will distribute more evenly.

Providing Necessary Nourishment

Ensure your lawn is ready for landscaping by keeping your lawn’s soil nourished. Getting the right fertilizer is imperative for replenishing essential nutrients for healthy grass. Look for fertilizer rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to promote healthy growth. 

Once fertilized, all you need to do after is keep your lawn hydrated. Your lawn needs about one inch of water per week. If it’s not getting this from rainfall alone, you can do it through an irrigation system, a portable sprinkler, or an old-fashioned hose.

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