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How To Care For Your Front Yard – A Landscapers Guide

The front yard is what people see first when they drive by a house or walk up to the front door. Regardless of its size, your front yard plays an essential role in the overall curb appeal of your home.

Do you want to know more about front yard landscaping?

In today’s post, the landscaping Calgary team of Tazscapes Inc will share some front yard ideas and tips and also provide you with a practical guide on how to care for your front yard.

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1. Improve Your Grass

A drab lawn can take away your home’s cuteness. By renting an aerator machine, you can improve nutrient penetration for a fuller, healthier-looking lawn. Meanwhile, a simple reseeding with a bag of seeds can help prevent patches and fill in thin spots on your property. If you need help regarding this matter, contact Tazscapes Inc., we are one of the top-rated Calgary landscaping companies that has worked on projects big and small and have brought happiness to many homes.

2. Plant Perennial Shrubs In Front Of Your House

Planting perennial shrubs such as Hydrangeas or Azaleas can add colour to your front yard. Many are relatively inexpensive and are easy to keep up with. In addition, you can consult an expert at your local nursery on how to plant, when to prune, or how to trim them to prevent unwieldy growth.

3. Haul Out Old Mulch And Refresh

It doesn’t mean that if there’s mulch, it always looks good. Mulch can dry out, making your garden beds look bland. So, make sure to revitalize the landscaping with dark-coloured mulch that will contrast with your flowers and shrubs. Bags of mulch don’t cost much and can be bought at your local home improvement store. The amount of mulch you’ll need depends on the size of your flowerbeds.

4. Plant Ground Cover

Grass won’t grow in all places. And not all yards are flat. You can use a ground cover, such as Pachysandra, to add greenery to areas where slopes or shade make it hard for grass to grow. Only needing seasonal maintenance, the ground cover looks neat without overwhelming parts of your yard where grass grows.

5. Plant A Shade Tree

A hardwood tree planted in the front yard can bring years of beauty to your property. While some rare varieties are expensive and require much care, most trees from your local nursery are hardy, resilient, and affordable.

6. Build A Flower Bed Around A Tree

Adding a flower bed around a tree will give it character. Ideally, these beds must match the beds in your front yard. Next, add colour in the form of perennials or annuals.

7. Add Rock Features

Adding rocks or stones creates an understated natural accent. Landscaping ideas for front of house with rocks serve an essential function like making a rock spillway for rain gutters, which can help prevent an area from getting too muddy. You can also break up a bed with rocks or add pea gravel borders to your walkways.

How Do You Build A Low-maintenance Front Yard?

Rely on native plants – The advantage of using native plants is that they’re most likely accustomed to the soil condition and weather in your area. To know more about native plants, search for contact us by calling 587-578-0747.

Group similar plants together – Group together plants with similar needs. Grouping containers simplifies watering.

Plan to prune – Trimming plants at least once a year will save you from a bigger hassle down the road if an overgrown shrub or tree demands drastic action. The ideal time to prune shrubs and flowering trees are just after they bloom. In mid to late spring, prune shade trees and evergreens.

Plant wildflower gardens – If you have a section in your yard bordered with landscape rocks, one of the best low maintenance front yard landscaping ideas would be to plant a wildflower garden. It will require no additional gardening for the entire year. Best of all, you’ll feel happy once you see their flowers full of colour during summer and fall.

How Can I Improve My Front Yard Landscaping?

Install a border – Encircle perennial beds, vegetable patches, and shrub borders with a border. It can be just a spaded edge that separates the lawn from planting beds. Or you can also use stone, brick, or metal edging to create a lasting border. It will provide a clean finish to garden areas and prevent grass and weeds from creeping in.

Landscape with flowering trees – Flowering trees provide lovely curb appeal, especially when they are in bloom. They provide colour and fragrance. Also, because they tend to be smaller, they usually won’t block the house.

Add lightingLandscaping lights are inexpensive and are usually solar-powered. Choose the colour that you want, stick them in the ground, and they’ll power themselves to light up your yard at night. You can also use lanterns or faux rocks with lights that blend into the landscaping.

Now that you know how to care for your front yard, you can start simple projects to improve the look of your yard. However, if you don’t have the know-how or project involves hauling large amounts of dirt, rock, or plants, the best option is to bring in the pros. Better yet, contact Tazscapes at 587-578-074 – we are one of the best landscaping contractors in Calgary.

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