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Common Problems with Landscaping and How To Deal With it

The demand for landscaping and quality landscaping firms seems to be increasing with each passing week. Landscape companies across the country are flat out with projects and new enquiries coming in daily. It seems almost everybody nowadays is looking to invest in the improvements for outside space of their property. With that being said, there are a few homeowners, and it’s not uncommon, who are hesitant to get the ball rolling and begin landscaping as they fear uncertainties throughout the project.

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Here we will discuss a few common problems related to landscaping projects and why you need not worry as they are all easy solutions for any experienced landscaper.

Access and Logistics

The first and foremost issue most people face when having any form of work done to their property is accessed. This doesn’t apply only to landscaping but any sort of building or refurbishment work. By access, that simply means a route in and out of the property directly or access leading to the house via the roads or surrounding pathways. Often landscaping projects involve some heavy lifts and transporting of a wide range of materials. Logistics can be quite a challenge depending on the exact location of the property. Often during landscaping projects and other building works, large wagons and trucks with heavy loads make their way in and out of the property delivering essential goods and materials to complete the project.

In some cases, this can add stress and unnecessary pressure for homeowners who have no experience. Fortunately, as it is common practice for builders and landscapers to manage delivery times and dates, these types of operations, in the majority of cases, run like clockwork. Rest assured, every landscaping project will have an allocated project/site manager on hand to take care of all operations regarding deliveries and access in and out of the property from the start of the project right through to the end.

Housekeeping and Cleanup

Another common problem and fear for Calgary homeowners is housekeeping. By that, we mean the tidiness of the site during the project. We’ve all seen those shows where cowboy builders leave an unbelievable mess in the house after finishing works on a property. Well, with Calgary landscaping, believe it or not, keeping the site tidy is not only easy to do, but it’s essential to complete the project to a high standard and to keep within the time frame. If the landscapers can’t finish on time, they lose money as labour costs increase each day the project goes over. Therefore maintaining a tidy site becomes just as much in the project manager’s best interests as the homeowners.

Call Before You Dig

The third and final common problem with landscaping is utilities on site. When digging up space and rearrange the earth around a property, you don’t just go for it, hell for leather and shift the dirt as fast as possible. No, you must consider utilities feeding the house with water, electricity and water. So what’s the solution to blindly digging up potentially dangerous utility feeds? Like any building project, the landscape project managers will receive detailed drawings from either architects or surveyors, which will locate in sufficient detail the exact location of any feeds running through the site.

Alberta One-Call Corporation – Click Before You Dig can be a great source of help as well. Not only does this prevent any potential damages, but it’s essential to know as the design may require water features or lighting that involves water or electricity directly from the main feed.

Landscaping Calgary

Any problems, fears or uncertainties regarding any landscaping project are always handled with care and experience from expert landscapers. Sure, mistakes happen, but the risks are minimized drastically with correct procedures in place and a dedicated professional team to carry out the tasks at hand. Working with an experienced landscaping contractor can help you avoid costly mistakes and give you peace of mind. Call 587-578-0747 and talk to us today!

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