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At Tazscapes, we take pride in our ability to provide exceptional landscaping ideas for rural Calgary in addition to urban and suburban locales. We understand that every plot of land is unique and must be designed with particular attention to individual client needs.

Our acreage landscaping specialists approach each project with one goal in mind adapting to our clients. Through our innovative process, we thoroughly analyze each project and present our enhanced landscape design ideas for acreages of all types.

Rural and acreage landscaping ideas

Rural and Acreage Landscaping ideasProducing acreage landscaping ideas that are both efficient and aesthetic is the core of our mission. In many cases, landscape design for acreages requires more attention to detail than in urban landscaping as the scale and scope of work is typically quite vast.

Nonetheless, we apply many of the processes utilized in urban landscape planning to rural environments. Understanding a plot’s surroundings and how it affects its design is a crucial part of our strategy, particularly in rural areas where trees and vegetation must be considered.

Our fundamental goal is to choose suitable products to maximize open space, enhance the aesthetic, and promote a functional landscape that maintains its integrity for years to come.

Two acres, three acres or more?

Two acres, three acres or moreAcreage landscaping in Alberta begins by calculating the scale of useable space after factoring in the size of the property, driveways, vegetation and of course, your home. A five-acre property may actually have only one or two acres of space with landscaping potential.

Furthermore, even with a vast useable space, some home-owners prefer to develop only a portion of it. This is where Tazscapes’ passion and expertise comes into play. We work alongside our clients to understand exactly what is needed to pursue their dream design, then implement its construction in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

Acreage landscaping construction

Acreage Landscaping constructionA good design is absolutely crucial, but choosing the right landscape contractor in Calgary for the job? You just can’t cut corners!

Taking on the task of acreage landscape construction requires experienced equipment operators for error-free excavation, grading and product installation.

From natural rock retaining walls to slab paving stones, monumental decks and pergolas, an experienced hand and trusted name is essential for a successful project.

Call us today to take your property to new heights and see what Tazscapes has in store for your acreage!